Babydoll sheep are small with a sturdy squarish stature that measure between 42.5 and 60cm at the shoulder.  As they are miniature, they are ideal for small acreage.

Babydolls are a perfect pet, lawnmower or vineyard mowers as they cannot graze the undergrowth of vines. They keep vineyards mowed for 12 months of the year greatly reducing the need for chemicals and pesticides.

Also known as ‘Teddybear Sheep’ for their cute permanent smile, calm temperament and friendly disposition. They love human interaction and are great with children.

The breed is naturally polled and by their demure stature they are respectful of fencing.

The breed originated prior to the Norman Conquest and grazed the South Downs of England.

Their wool is also great for spinning and is used for soft and durable fabric

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